About Us

Giulia Dominici is an emergent designer who debuted with her brand in 2017 when she launched a collection of handbags and jewellery all made in Italy.

Her creations are a throwback in the past, but contemporary art and Ancient times in Rome, the city where she is based, play an important role in the process. Her inspirations flow to create a timeless exclusive product.

The use of materials like bronze, silver and high-quality stones results in a unique jewel with character, expression of Italian handcrafted quality.

At the centre of her creations, there is an extreme care for details together with the choice of manufacturing in Italy, thanks to the professionalism and experience of well-known  artisans from Rome and Tuscany.

The final product, skilfully hand-made, is the fruit of a partnership of different artisans providing a unique touch to each item.

Each piece of jewellery is designed as a piece of art to collect and own, for a woman who knows how to valorise her beauty.